Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Shower Gift Ideas


If someone that you love, a friend or a relative (or you... ;-D ), is having a baby, then no doubt you are going to want to have a great shower for her - with great baby shower gifts too. And if YOU are the mom-to-be, check our guide so that you can give valuable hints to your dear friends and relatives that really want to give great baby shower gifts to you and your baby.

1. Make the gift one from the heart

One of the most important baby shower gift tips that you will need to remember is to make sure that the gift is one from the heart. No doubt the mom to be is not really going to care about the price tag that is on the gift, but she definitely will appreciate a gift that comes from your heart. Even the most expensive gift will fall flat if it is not given from the heart. So, find something meaningful and give it with love to the new mother.

2. Consider the gender of the baby if you know it

Another important tip to remember when shopping for a baby shower gift is to consider the gender of the baby. Of course if you don’t know the gender, then this will not be an option. However, many times you will know whether or not the baby is going to be a girl or a boy, which can be a huge help when you are trying to select the perfect gift. Otherwise, if you don’t know the gender, make sure that you stick with gifts that will be great for a girl or a boy. Soft-soiled baby shoes can make a great, neutral gift.


3. Find out what the new mom wants

Everyone enjoys getting a gift that they have been longing for, and a mom to be is no exception. There is nothing like seeing the joy on a person’s face when they open up a gift that they have been wanting for some time. So, try to find out what the new mom wants and use that as a guide for the gift you pick out for the baby shower.

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