Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Money for Headlice

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A leading scientist has offered parents £1 for each live headlouse he can retrieve from their child's scalp. Dr Gerald Coles has been researching head lice for more than 30 years and said the insects will be used to develop more effective shampoo treatments.

The removal is painless and will take just 20 minutes to complete in his laboratory at the University of Bristol's department of veterinary science in Langford, North Somerset, he said.
Dr Coles needs a minimum of 300 to begin the research and claims harvesting nature's most effective carriers - schoolchildren - is cheaper than cultivating them in the lab."The only place you can get them in abundance is on children's heads. We want to make it worthwhile for people to let us have their head lice."


  1. I hope they can develop a shampoo that doesn't make kids sick like the RIT stuff does. Why is it they can't just tell people to use mayo and a shower cap? Been working for years, all they need is to be smothered.

  2. Not only can the insecticidal shampoos make kids sick, they won't even kill today's super lice. Mayo is useful, but effectively eliminating lice is difficult and requires carefully following a method that breaks the life cycle of the lice.

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