Monday, January 5, 2009

Creepy life-like Dolls?


These “reborn” dolls are remade to look remarkably real - so lifelike, in fact, that some women carry them around in public and accept compliments on their “babies.” They also change their diapers multiple times a day and even throw them birthday parties, complete with real guests.
We think it is strange, but we would love to hear what you think about it?

Check this Link for the Video....


  1. I think that women that do this are crazy. Some women say that they don't have the money to adopt, well from the show that I seen on tv, by the time they spend all their money on buying the fake babies, they could have adopted a real baby and had the joy of being a real mother.

  2. Thank You Mama Keith, for your comment. We agree adoption, would be a better option. Visit Us anytime. If there is any topic you would like to hear about on our blog, let us know. Thanks

    -Angela & Angelica
    Groovy Girls

  3. I think this is weird! The women who do this have some very deep issues that they need to address.

  4. I think as far as art goes, its really creative. I also think that toting these dolls around as children is a little too much.

  5. Thanks Ebony for you comment, good point about Art wise, You are welcome to visit Us again.
    Angela & Angelica
    Groovy Girls!

  6. That is so wrong. They have issues!

  7. I saw this on TV as well.. these poor women definitely have something seriously missing in their lives..