Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recession means Cookin' Time!


Going back to the basics of cost-saving, basic foods that are cooked at home would improve the country's diet, experts say.When people eat at home, they're often likely to eat more healthfully, she adds, citing a number of recent food industry innovations -- pre-cooked rice in a bag, clean and chopped fresh vegetables and fruits, including the microwave-in-bag varieties -- that are facilitating the consumption of quick but nutritious meals at home.

But many Americans will still eat out, recession or no, and with good reason: "Our culinary skills have vastly declined over several generations," says Greg Drescher, executive director of strategic initiatives for the Culinary Institute of America in Greystone, Calif. Fortunately, from a nutrition standpoint, he says, restaurant chefs are showing an increased interest in adding innovative items featuring whole grains and a variety of produce to their menus.

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We agree that cooking at home, is better and healthier. What about starting a Garden at home? Your Thoughts??

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  1. Fully agree with home cook food. Well I start a garden planting tomatos with my little Chloe. Free from chemical, easy to maintain and most important is the fun I have with my kid.