Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top 10 Recycling Websites for Tots


If you want your children to grow up to be environmentally conscious, you have to start teaching them while they are young. You can’t expect them to just learn on their own. However, you’ll find that there are a variety of great recycling websites and environmental sites out there where you kids can learn more about the environment and recycling, while having a great time. Wondering where to send your kids to learn more? Here’s a look at 10 of the top recycling websites out there for kids that make excellent choices.

Website #1 - Kids Planet
Website Address: This site has many great games for kids on the web of life, fact sheets on different animal species, and they provide excellent information on what kids can do to help protect and defend their own environment. They even have their own Wildlife Adoption Center on the site.

Website #2 - Kids for a Clean Environment
Website Address: The mission of this site is to provide excellent and education information to kids on environmental issues and to encourage them to work on improving the world around them. It provides information on how they can work in their own community and how they can work on recycling.

Website #3 - Eco Mentors
Website Address: This is one of the best sites on the web that will teach your kids more about the environment while allowing them to have a lot of fun. It is actually an award winning site for kids, and provides interactive and innovation environmental education for kids and their families. Great activities and games are used on the site to help you child have a wonderful time while learning more.

Website #4 - Captain Planet Foundation
Website Address: This foundation has the mission to help encourage kids from grades Kindergarten through 12th grade to learn more about the environment and they support many environmental projects that kids can get involved in, in a hands on manner. They also encourage activities that help kids all around the world to work together and on an individual level to help the environment. The site is easy for kids to navigate through, and it provides information on projects that the foundation has going. It also teaches kids great ways that they can have a good effect on their own environment.

Website #5 - National Geographic Kids
Website Address: This is an excellent site for kids, with all the great options that you’d expect from National Geographic. It is an excellent resource for kids and it has information on a variety of topics, including the environment and how problems with the environment affect the world and animals around it. You’ll find stories, quizzes, games, tips, and videos that your kids will enjoy while learning more about the environment and recycling.

Website #6 - EPA Student Center
Website Address: This is the official site of the EPA in the United States. They include many great stories, games, and pictures. There are many funny cartoons that include facts about the environment that kids can enjoy. It also includes excellent ways that kids can improve the environment and keep nature alive as well.

Website #7 - Meet the Greens
Website Address: This website is all about a family, which is known as the Greens, and they are a family working hard to make sure that the do the right thing for the environment. It is a site based in the United States and it includes adventures of the family, which are animated, and they all have great environmental messages for them. Not only can they learn about recycling, saving animals, and more, but there is a blog that is interactive where your kids can have discussions about the programs.

Website#8 - Recyclezone
Website Address: The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the UK actually sponsors this site. It provides a wealth of great information that is presented on a level for children. The site is brightly colored, it’s easy for kids to use, and interactive to get them involved in learning. You’ll find many great jokes, brain teasers, music, and games on the site that will keep your kids entertained while they learn.

Website #9 - Children of the Earth
Website Address: The Children of the Earth website helps to provide information for kids that will allow them to understand and respect the world around them. Lessons are taught on plants, soil, energy, animals, and more. It helps them to learn about how their actions can either have negative or positive effects on the environment.

Website #10 - Environmental Education for Kids
Website Address: EEK is an online magazine that is for kids. It is geared to kids in grade 4-8. They have articles about the environment and other issues, and they even have great activities for your kids to enjoy online as well.
The internet can be a great tool for teaching your kids more about the environment. With these excellent sites to help you out, you can help them to learn more about their environment, recycling, and all they can do to have a positive impact on their world. Explore the sites with them and enjoy learning and working together to save the earth.


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