Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I learned from my Children


"I've found that I have an inner child who got buried over the years. When my daughter wants to play 'Cinderella,' it's just as much fun for me to pretend I'm a princess going to the ball as it is for her."
-- Heidi Perry-Hipp, Calverton, NY

"My daughter has shown me that it really is possible to eat your lunch and chew on your feet at the same time."
-- Christy Johnson, Cincinnati

"Persistence and humor can get you what you want. Once, my youngest kept interrupting my conversation, so I kept saying, 'Just a minute, honey.' Finally, he exploded with 'Hellooo! I need some talk here!'"
-- Debra Rienestra, Grand Rapids, MI

"Having children has taught me that I can survive without sleep, a functioning brain, and sex."
-- Brian Miller, New York City

"My kids remind me that things are not as evident as we think: My daughter thought it was a 'cool coincidence' that all her cousins were also the kids of her aunts and uncles."
-- Mary Lynn Hendrickson, Stoughton, WI

"You've got to appreciate a child's innocent view of the world. When my three-year-old son and I were digging for worms so that we could go fishing, Mattie plucked a big, fat one from the dirt, held it in front of his face and said, 'Hi, worm, wanna go fishing later?'"
-- Betsy Miller, Monticello, MN

"My son has taught me how to have patience because he has shown me what frustration looks like."
-- Marlo Scott, Margate, FL

"A mom doesn't stand a chance of winning the race when her two-year-old is running from her in the house. Kids are always quicker. What you have to do is stop, look at her, and wait for her to come to you."
-- Donna Medack, Wills Point, TX

A self-disciplined child can be corrupted by a younger sibling; everything is edible; out of fifty-five blocks there is only one 'good' one; and furniture is not for sitting on."
-- Criztina Jean Fort Irwin, CA

"I've learned that silence usually means a massive mess."
-- Nancy Guenin, Naples, FL

"I've realized that kids are not all the same. My first one was so easy, but my second one got us neutered. Literally -- my husband got a vasectomy."
-- Frances Seadon, Port Saint Lucie, FL

"In toddler world, 'yes' and 'no' mean basically the same thing; the grocery store will still be there if we stop at the park first; for some, dirt is a food group; the planet is made of dust, so I'll never get rid of it; credit cards are still usable even after they've been bent; and the 'be nice' command also applies to adults."
-- Kelli Ann Everett, WA

"When you're grouchy, jumping on the bed really will make you feel better."
-- Erin England Acosta, Orange, CA

"I need to pay more attention to my driving etiquette. When I was trying to explain what traffic lights are for to my three-year-old in a simple way, I said, 'Red means stop, yellow means be careful or slow down,' and, before I could say anything about green, she shouted, 'I know, Mommy, green means 'Go, dumb #$%!'"
-- Maria Norris, Holly Springs, NC

"Once you say something, you can never really take it back. And you should never say something that you wouldn't want repeated -- even months later."
-- Torri Westmoreland, Ball Ground, GA

Tell us what have you learned from your children?

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