Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artistic Healing, The Power of Orgone

What is Orgone Energy?
Reich was an Austrian immigrant to the U.S. who had been trained as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and Freudian psychoanalyst.

The way Reich observed it, orgone is omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. He observed the same principle in the forming of galaxies etc. as on a cellular or macro-biological level.

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We found out about Orgone two weeks ago, and at first we were really skeptical about it, and we did not know what it did or what it was. Well we decided to try it, and my Daughter and I purchased two Orgone Necklaces Online. When we tried it, we experienced something great. We both noticed that we slept so great, it was like it was the first time we actually *really* slept. When we woke up we felt refreshed and full of energy. This was the first time we felt like this, since usually we would wake up lathargic. We also felt very relaxed during the day, and overall we noticed changes instantly, and we are very happy with what we found.

Here are a list of benefits that Orgone can Give:

-Promotes Health and Well Being.

-Creates a calmer home and work Enviroment.

-Increases Spiritual Growth.

-Centers & Balances your natural Energy

-Purifies the Atmosphere

-Iliminates Insomnia, and Chronic Nightmares.

Check out this website for Beautiful and Artistic Pieces of Orgone.


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