Saturday, May 23, 2009

Embrace It!

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Curvy Women, it's time to embrace your curves and BE FREE! Don't let the media control you into thinking, you need to change yourself. Confidence is key, if you feel great on the inside, you will look great too! Here is an article with some tips!

Step 1
Stop reading fashion magazines. They are poison. To be fair maybe they've changed since I stopped reading them, but in my opinion they have done more damage to women's self esteem than some of the male stereotypes of women. Not only do the models represent a very small percentage of the female body type, quite often they are only 15 years of age, or even younger. You have to ask yourself why we have allowed adolescent girls become role models for full grown women in a time when women are supposedly liberated. The astounding thing is that these magazine are run mostly by women. I have seen the enemy, and she is us. Don't read them, don't support them.

Step 2
Start weight training. Don't worry, going to a gym won't turn you into one of those skinny ramp models, but you'll feel better about your curves if you know they are firm. In addition to several health benefits, working with weights can also help bring balance to your body by broadening your shoulders and back. If you can afford it at all, work with a trainer. If that is out of the question go to the website It is a fantastic resource.

Step 3
Take a palates, yoga, stretching, ti-chi sort of class. This will put you in tune with your body and give you a better appreciation for all the wonderful things it can do. The stretching will also help you develop long beautiful strong muscles.

Step 4
Dress for your body shape. To do that depend on where your curves are. If you google "Dress for your body type" you'll find lots of websites with good advise. One of my favorites is They have these fantastic fashion "Recipe Boxes" for each body type that sell for around $30.00. The box has little cards that show you what wardrobe pieces to buy for your body type and how to put them together. It is really cool.The proportion of your torso to the rest of your body is another important factor to consider. Look up "Short waisted" or "Long waisted" on the internet. Have a tape measure handy to help you figure it all out. It's really about proportion and balance. Once you understand the architecture of your body you'll know how to dress it to advantage--and you'll never wish you could wear boy jeans again.

Step 5
Stop with the pity parties. Insecurities are really a way of being self centered and selfish. See insecurities for what they are--a way to keep attention focused on yourself. When you start to feel sorry for yourself because you can't find a pair of jeans after shopping all afternoon, do something for someone else. Take flowers to a sick friend, make a no sew blanket for the homeless (How to make a no sew blanket), make a gratitude necklace for a neighbor you know is having a hard time (How to make a gratitude necklace). I know this might seem a bit harsh but in retrospect I spent WAY too much time feeling sorry for myself because I had 42 inch hips.

Step 6
Read. That's right--pick up the Tolstoy. Read GOOD books. Ayn Rand, James Herriot, Harper Lee, and Jane Austin, are a few of my favorites. If what's inside is what really counts, then you'll be more confident if you've got something inside worth knowing. The curves will just be the icing on the cake.

Step 7
Be the change that you want to see. Rage against the machine ladies! Women come in many beautiful shapes and curvy is one of them. It's time for us to take back the fashion world. We can't wait for them to get it. Think about your daughters and granddaughters who will probably inherit your figure and wear your curves wide with pride!

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  1. I'm curvy, that's for sure, always have been! This is a great post, I need to read it over and over. I like Step 5, never thought about it like this before, so thanks!

  2. great post!!!
    im big and beautiful
    im gonna follow your blog, hope to hear more great things from you!

  3. Fantastic!
    Bravo and thank you for your insights and time to point out resources: inside and out!

  4. She is so fat !!!

  5. Utterly delicious.
    Curvy and gorgeous.

  6. hey, that girl in the pic is fat not curvy! body like shakira is curvy not that monster lol

  7. Gorgues
    very feminin
    I like her looks

  8. I love curvy girls/women.... and I'm 19 years old! all my friends love curvy girls! don't be embarrassed of your big butt... its something you have to show to people. :)

  9. She is sooooooo gorgeous. Perfect woman.

  10. im male 34 married to curvy, and i love curvy women, they r so REAL