Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding a Cure from Austin to Boston

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Why We Are Walking Across the CountryIn 2004 my dog, Malcolm was diagnosed with bone cancer. Amputation and chemotherapy only slowed its progression and the cancer ultimately metastisized to his lungs. After almost a two year battle, he was given rest.

Malcolm was only six when diagnosed and no one could tell me why or how he got this horrible disease. Dogs are living longer these days said some. It's genetics said others. Or his diet. Perhaps pesticides or administering multiple vaccinations at once.

We've known about cancer for over half a century and that we still don't know these answers was unacceptable to me. And so I sold my truck, put my stuff in storage, & set out on the road with a pack on my back, my boys, Hudson and Murphy, at my side, and a simple belief.We can discover the cause of canine cancer.

After walking over 1000 miles thus far and meeting many thought leaders in veterinary oncology we're beginning to understand the challenges we face off the road to achieve that goal. And this little cross country walk we're taking is only the beginning... puppy up!

Hudson, Murphy, and Luke

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  1. Hi there. Visiting from the twittermoms Mommy Bloggers group to say hi and to follow you. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. What a courageous journey!

  3. As I have lost two dogs to cancer, I wanted to wish you luck – it’s an inspiring thing that you are doing!!

    Both of my dogs, Thomas and Kostya were 8 years old when they passed away – both, were also boxers, which are particularly prone to cancer. I wish you all the very best in your quest to find answers. I will “watch this space”.

    Kind regards from down under,