Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kelis and Robbie Two Musical Talents

We received our 2 CD’s Today from, the first CD is “Kelis Was Here” from famous music artist Kelis with her popular song “Bossy”. The second CD box which includes a 2 disc set of Robbie William’s Live Concerts 1997-2006.

The First CD we listened to was “Kelis Was Here”. We were impressed by this CD because almost every song on the album was fun to listen to. We really enjoyed song #3 “Bossy”. It has a great beat to it, and it makes you feel happy and cool. We really just bopped our heads to the beat the whole time and sang the lyrics, we had so much fun listening to this song, it’s great.

We also enjoyed song #5 “I Don’t Think So”. This song has a rock and funky vibe to it. That’s what makes Kelis’ music so unique, is the fact that she takes a lot of risks with her music, and tries to be different from the rest. Instead of it just being a rap or hip-hop album throughout, she includes different sounds. She can go from Rock to Pop, or From Funk to Gospel.

Lastly, another song we loved was “Appreciate Me”, which is an authentic real song, the title gives it away. This song talks about Kelis wanting her husband to appreciate her, and not take “Her Kindness for Weakness.” It’s a song that brings a great message, which you don’t find very much in the hip-hop genre. It’s a cool song that makes you want to groove to the beat, and even sing along, this song is a lot of fun.

Overall Kelis can express herself freely through her music, and this CD can be very empowering for many women. I would highly recommend this CD.

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The Second CD(s) we listened to was “And Through It All” Robbie Williams Live. We didn’t know much about him before, although his music sounded familiar. We watched his live concerts DVD it was awesome, and the picture is super clear, it’s like we were actually there with the crowed cheering him on.

The DVD includes performances he did during 1997-2006 all over the UK and different parts of Europe. We Thought His Performances were fantastic and he could really entertain the crowd. He was very energetic in his performances and his voice is phenomenal.
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