Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Judging Truth

My Daughter and I were talking last night about how judging others can become such an easy habit, a terrible habit in fact. It's something that we are trying to remember all the time. It's never good to talk about other people, it doesn't make your life happy and peaceful does it? So we have come up with an idea on how we can remind ourselves everytime we think we will be judging someone. Once we feel we are going to judge someone, we stop and say something positive about them instead.

If we stop judging each other we can start relating to each other. We can start seeing us all as a whole! It will make life more peaceful and fulfilling. It will actually make you feel great about yourself too.

Attracting Positive People into Your Life An Article that gives great Tips on Attracting Positivity, and How "not" to Judge Others.


  1. I was just saying this today LOL.. it becomes so easy to talk with girlfriends and gossip with each other. The comments ouch!! A work in progress..... :)

    Happy Sunday!


  2. What a great idea. I try really hard to keep that urge in check too, I will definitely try your tip!