Monday, January 25, 2010

Time for Trade!

With the weak economy happening now all over the world, what is something we can do if we can’t sell a house? A Car? A Boat? Anything? The answer is TRADE! Yes, that is what we have done, and we want to share with all of you how this can work for you and others all over the world, no matter where you live.

My Daughter and I owned a land in Central Florida and we had no hope of selling it. It had been on the market for a long time, and no luck. Well, we thought Ebay! We found a piece of land that we liked, was in the perfect location close to our family, it was exactly what we were looking for. So we thought hey if we cant sell let’s trade! And we did it! Although Ebay does not use trading as an option, you can however negotiate your way in. Negotiating is the key, and it might just work out perfect. You should first find what attracts you as a buyer, and negotiate with the owner, seeing what you both can offer each other mutually. and just wait and see!

If you know of any websites that focus on trading items, that you would like to share with our readers, please leave it in the comment section.


  1. Very smart! =) Thanks for following and entering my $25 walmart giftcard giveaway! good luck! and I am following you back =)

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  4. Good idea.

    I will definitely keep trading as an option in this horrible economy as a way to get rid of land.