Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Country Bob on my Table?

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My Daughter and I were enjoying our Tuesday Afternoon, when we received a knock on the door. We looked and it was country bob’s all purpose sauce! We both shouted and said “Country Bob’s here!” So we opened it from the box, and it was very well packaged by the way. So I opened the bottle right away, and to my surprise I smelled something delicious and fresh.

So my daughter said “ Mom, lets cook up some sausages.” And I thought well this would be a great opportunity to use our County Bob’s Sauce. The taste is smooth and not too overwhelming like other sauces. It gives the food a really tangy taste, and it just melts in your mouth.

Everyone should have Country Bob’s Sauce! It’s great tasting, has good ingredients, and it comes in a variety too.

Try it and see for yourself today and check it out at www.countrybobs.com

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