Friday, April 30, 2010

Motherly Love

Why are Mom’s so important? There are many different kinds of mom’s all around the world. Some are single, divorced, widowed, moms that adopt, or they come from different cultural backgrounds. Although they may seem different they are all quite the same. Each of them is still a Mom.

Moms are important because without them the world just wouldn’t be the same. They have the gift of nurturing and loving their child for a lifetime. They have a special strength and set of instincts that can only come from a mom. Mom’s give us the strength when we need it most. They are there to advise us when we are in trouble, when we are sad, or having a bad day. It is plain to see that mom's are very important and that we need to have them.

I wish you all a fabulous Mother's Day! - Angelica

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  1. Great blog! I gave you an award because of it! Stop by and get it!


  2. A mother's love is very powerful. Until one experiences it, it's hard to imagine how one can love a little helpless being so much. Although it does take time to reach that point sometimes - the beginning isn't easy.