Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warmables Day!

Today my Daughter Angelica and son Carlos volunteered at a food pantry here in our community. The food pantry is a program for needy families and children who are in search of canned goods, diapers, bread, pastries, desserts, and much more. Oasis Compassion Agency distributes between 3500-4000 pounds of food each month. If you would like to see how you can donate visit their website here:

We have also received our free Warmables in the mail! It is a better and healthier alternative for carrying your lunch. It is great for young kids or anyone who wants to take a small lunch that is economical in size, and its easy to use too. Since you cook your child's lunch at home you can stuff it inside their warmable and they can have a fresh and tasty treat later in the day. It fights obesity, it's much healthier for your child. These warmables are even environmentally friendly, and it doesn't create much garbage at all. It will save you money! We checked it out and it comes with a plastic container to keep your snacks, so it doesn't create waste. Also included is a bag of cherry pits which I found very interesting because it helps keep your lunch warm. It has been used even before modern heating systems. We love the look of these warmables, simple and clean. You will love them too.

Come check it out on their website:


  1. I have never heard of those before, great idea!

    The Gift Closet

  2. You have a great family! I would love to do that with my kids thanks for following, and for sharing info about Warmables! Following you back! :)

  3. I too had not heard of warmables, thanks for the information.

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