Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Party Review

CSN Stores has given us the opportunity to review a wonderful product from one of their many stores. They have everything you could imagine including Home Decor, Furniture, Outdoor, Vanity, Office, Cookware, and so much more. We will be doing a review on these beautiful Studio Ten Sahara Black Teacups. We just love drinking tea everyday. So we think it would be so fun if we had a tea party! So you can actually see how great these teacups really are. What is better then drinking tea from a beautiful tea cup like this one? Hope you come and join us at our fancy tea party.


  1. Those are pretty. I adore that this site is run by a mother and daughter team. I am following you from MBC and through GFC.

    Come and visit if you are able.. http://www.thriftymommastips.blogspot.com/
    or http://www.thriftymommasbrainfood.blogspot.com/

  2. yea,mommy n angelica,they r no.1
    i wish i was there wid u all at the teaparty,
    tea is gud for health,specially when it is being made by an angel.
    i wish i was wid both of you,even i would have made something for you,even if i dont knw how to make it.i would have tried.

  3. Me too, I just love tea especially green tea and fruit flavored tea drinks.
    How I wish I can come to your tea party.

  4. What a great idea to have a tea party! That sounds like fun!

    Thanks for stopping by blog!