Friday, August 13, 2010

Captivating Carnelian from Novica

Both My Daughter and I, we are very pleased to have received our new carnelian rings from Novica. Our experience has been a very wonderful one. When we first received the rings at the door, we were very excited! We both opened our rings from it's packaging, and they looked absolutely stunning. Both rings came inside of two different gift boxes which comes free with purchase. They also included with the rings, a little booklet describing the ring, and even a hand-written postcard! It really added a personal touch to our purchase.

The "Dragon Eye" Ring was sent to us from a beautiful Island in Indonesia called Java and Bali. This ring is of a medium size, and it has a vintage look to it. The second ring is called " Spicy Hot", and this one is a little bigger in size. This ring was sent to us from Ladakh, India. Both rings are of sterling silver, and are of great quality. We think these rings will last a very long time!

Not only did we appreciate receiving these beautifully handcrafted rings, but also the fact that it came from a real artist who dedicated so much of their time and hard work to make that special ring just for us! It really makes you appreciate it so much more. Novica has given us such an excellent opportunity, and we really love their website and the products they sell too. Everything is unique, and you won't find it anywhere else. Shipping was also affordable, and we think that is very important for all customers. You can check out our Video Below!

What is Carnelian? Find out Here.


  1. Beautiful ring! Very cool that the artist made the ring just for you!

  2. ooh i love carnelian...gorgeous

  3. I love Carnelian. The ring you is gorgeous.

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