Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cluster Ring Carefree..

So Today we received our Flower Cluster ring from Fashion to Figure. It was cutely packaged in tissue paper and sent in a cardboard box. Once we opened it from its plastic envelope, it was bigger then we expected it to be. As it's design its decorated with 6 flowers bundled together like a bouquet, with sparkly crystals on each one, which really shines when it catches the sunlight. The good thing about this ring is that the band is flexible and stretchable which can fit on almost any finger.

This ring is a bit big for our taste, and it does feel a little heavy. Although, with this ring you won't go unnoticed, and it really makes a statement! It would work great as costume jewelry, or with casual wear. If you plan on trying something unique and eye catching, then this ring would fit the bill.

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  1. That ring looks great on you! I'm not sure I could pull it off, though.

  2. What an awesome ring! I just may have to have that for my very own.

    Hopping over from the Weekend Blog Hop and I just became your newest follower.