Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zangy Cactus Salad

Hello Everyone, We wanted to share with all of you, a healthy and exotic mexican dish that we are sure you will love. If you have ever used "Nopal" or Cactus in your dishes, you must already be aware that it is very nutritious, and brings great health benefits.

This plant was born in the High Volcanic Mountains of Mexico, and believed to be the supreme plant and food of the kings and warriors of ancient times.

Benefits Include:

- Great Source of Fiber
- Stabilizies Blood Sugar
- Lowers Cholesterol
- Eiminates Plaque Build-up in Arteries
- Aid in Weight Loss

And many others. To Learn more if it's benefits, Type into Google, "Nopal Cactus Benefits."

The great thing about this Nopal, is that it is pretty affordable in most places. We found ours at a Latin Grocery Store Near our house.

We didn't really know about this beneficial plant before, until my Uncles Wife who is Mexican told us about this plant, and how it was a great natural way to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and weight loss.

We made a dish yesterday called "Ensalada de Nopalito", (Cactus Salad).
If you would also like to try this at home You can get the recipe from this Youtube Video: HERE

There are many different ways to make this salad, you could go on to add meat if you like, include it in Tacos, or use as side dish, there are many options.

After we were done, it had a great taste, which isn't too overwhelming, but at the same time zangy.

We hope you enjoy this cool Dish, and if you have any other Nopal Recipes you would like to Share, We would love to Hear them.


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