Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids Konserve Kool!

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We received our Kids Konserve Bottle Today, It's Stainless Steel and very sturdy. We love it! We went for a walk today and this bottle was the perfect size, and it keeps your beverage cool and fresh. We love it because it does save you alot of money, and it's Eco Friendly! It looks and feels cool, and it's easy to keep clean. Its the perfect size and you can store it almost anywhere. Overwall, it's very convenient for every day use, and you can start making a difference in our environment with these special bottles and more! We enjoy ours, and we know you will too. Go Check out their Website to see more: and you can save 10% with this coupon code: (groovy)


  1. That is really cute! And environmentally friendly is such a plus too!!

  2. That is really really cute and I love the color.