Thursday, June 18, 2009

Honest Scrap Award! Yay!

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Thanks to Erica at Baby Bee's Boutique For this Lovely Award! Here are my Top 10 True Facts About Me:

1. I love the sound of Rain and Crickets at night.

2. I admire people that always have a smile on their face.

3. I'm always paying attention to small details, I can be a Perfectionist.

4. I love cowboys ;)

5. Nature is my life, and it relaxes me.

6. My Favorite Fruit is Pineapple.

7. One Day I would like to have a Pet Tiger.

8. My Favorite sport is Boxing.

9. My Dog (Blue) always makes me laugh.

10. My Children are my Best Friends.

What are your Top 10 True Facts?


  1. HI honey I love your blog! & facts are so cute! you sound great! I'm following you now :)xoxo

  2. hello there. thanks for visiting my blog and following, too. i am now your blog's follower as well.

    can we please exchange links or exchange badges (wahtever way you prefer it)? i have two blogs: and

    i will be happy to add your blog in both of my blogs. have a great day!