Saturday, March 20, 2010

It Starts with a Seed?

My Daughter and I found this great website, called "The Dinner Garden." We think this is a wonderful mission to end hunger and to help all communities. We think planting seeds can make a terrific impact in our lives and of others, and it gives a sense of unity. The Dinner Garden is in need of some donations, to keep their mission going. You can visit their website here :

Why not try Planting a seed today? Do you have a Garden, and how has it benefited you and your family?


  1. I really want a garden.. so bad... waiting for j to finish the backyard ugghh

  2. Great find! Thanks for sharing the link. No room for a garden of our own but have very fond memories of my Papa's garden in West Virginia. His tomatoes were blue ribbon worthy!

  3. What a fab idea!
    Thanks so much for the follow today! Following you right back:)

  4. I want to start a garden and start growing my own food. I am so weary of all the chemicals in food these days and the potential effect of its accumulation in our body.

    I will visit the Dinner Garden to learn more.

    Thanks for this interesting post

  5. I don't have a garden. Every year I say I am going to do one, but every year I realize I can't grow a darn thing. The only thing we grow is jalapeno's. We may try a little more this year.

  6. What a great idea!! Thanks for visiting. I'm a new follower now. I love finding cool new blogs!!