Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keep on Caring

If you're frustrated with your partner because it doesn't seem like he or she understands you, it may be the way you're communicating to each other. Communication is an important aspect of your relationship. It may feel like your partner knows you so well that he or she should be able to figure how you feel about things. While this may be true to a certain extent, remember that your partner is most likely not a mind reader.

Here are some tips on improving communication in your relationship.

Say What You Feel and Think

Saying how you feel or what you're thinking may seem like a given. However, for some people it's difficult for them to say how they're really feeling. You may be scared to hurt another person's feelings or haven't been successful communicating your feelings with other people before. Try voicing your feelings or opinions more often--it may help to prevent any resentment in the relationship as well as help your partner understand how to satisfy your needs. Expecting your partner to always know how you feel is simply not realistic.

Be Clear

Clarity also involves honesty. Using less ambiguous words may force you to be more honest and direct with your partner than you're used to. Ambiguous words usually help people hide what they're really feeling since they can be taken any way the other person wants to take them. Since their meaning may change, they can be misleading. If you try to be clear with your partner, this will help him or her to understand how you're feeling. It may be more helpful to your partner than having him or her guess how you're feeling.

Listen to Your Partner

Communication isn't just about talking--it requires listening as well. Really listening to what your partner says may help you to get a better understanding of him or her as a person. It may also help you to come up with compromises that may work for the both of you. You may want to acknowledge what your partner says to show them that you care. Acknowledgment can be a nod of the head or saying something like 'I understand why you'd feel that way.' Showing that you're listening to your partner may help him or her really express his or her feelings. It may also increase the level of trust you and your partner share.

How important is communicating to you? What are some of your tips to keep communication on point? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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