Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Forget About Me

Song Lyrics:

one who is
don´t forget me
Who are you dont forget me
I want just to be in your thought
for a moment think that you think of me
where you are, don´t forget me
even if there is another love makes you happy
if left, in his remembrance, rather much i want you
where you are, don´t forget me
i want to be in your thoughts
for a moment think that you think of me
where you do remember don´t forget me
when you do remember don´t forget me
that i can´t delete you of from my life
where you are don´t forget me

This is a beautiful romantic song from Brazil called "Dont forget about me", which is included in this Soap Opera (Novela) Show called "India, Una Historia de Amor." Which translates to "India, a story of love."

We started watching this Soap opera every night of the week, and it's very entertaining and has wonderful actors. It gives you a good look into the Life in India, and Brazil too. Shows beautiful locations in both countries, with bright and vivid colors. It shows you both style, music, and how people from two different cultures can fall in love, despite so many differences. It's currently showing on Telefutura daily at 10 p.m.

Wishing all our Groovy Readers a Happy Valentines Day!


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