Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time to Get Creative! Written by Kayla Tanner

The Best Creative Schools For Women Are Online

These days more and more women are getting out there in the workforce then say fifty years ago. With better technology and resources, women have found many new and profitable careers that cater to their desires. I’m not talking about waiting, telemarketing, or basic food service; I’m talking about real full-time careers. Careers in business, medicine, education, and so forth. Female employees have proven time after time, that they are just as efficient as male employees. In this modern economy, females can find they have numerous options in numerous sectors.

Creative Options

One skill that many women seem to possess, that can especially shine in a hiring process, is creativity. Women tend to be more open-minded than men and companies especially enjoy people with new and fresh ideas. Most people don’t realize or consider creativity as a skill, and it is often overlooked. Well I’m telling you right now, don’t be afraid to market that as a skill. Consider your daily lives. The creativity that comes in raising your kids, the games you play, the food you cook, or the parties you host. There are some who especially thrive at this skill, and is something that can be carried into the workforce.

There are certain industries that especially require and promote creativity. Industries such as education, journalism, interior design, graphic design, cooking, fashion, film school, etc. These industries are booming with opportunity, yet also are searching for the right people. It is no surprise that women dominate the education industry. One reason may be because they have a natural talent in nurturing children, yet it’s also because they can present themselves in a creative fashion. To be creative, is to defy the norms, and not be afraid to be a little different.

Being a Busy Mom

I’ve known several women, who have had to drop out of school or college, due to their young children. It takes time and major responsibility to raise children, and sometimes finding a babysitter is not possible. Many mothers tend to lose out on their educational self-investments due to the necessities of raising their children. It is a sad truth that was especially common fifty years ago, where mothers stayed at home all day. However now there are efficient ways to do both at the same time.

Mothers can still manage the home-front while receiving an education thanks to the convenience of
online schools. By simply logging on to the internet, people can receive a fully credited education in the comfort of their living room. There are numerous adult education schools that specialize in the industries mentioned above. They can give you the proper credentials to turn you into a marketable professional.

A Good Investment

When it’s this simple, why not invest in your future? Now is especially the time. Before you know it, the kids will be busy in high school or off to college, and you’ll find that you have a lot more free time than you use to. Most mothers may find part-time work at a hospital or restaurant. Yet why not turn that free time into a full-time career with a salary and benefits. It’s definitely a viable option and quite common these days.

With a good education, the sky is the limit. Professional women have become respected more and more in the workforce, much thanks to the investment in their education. The biggest question should not be whether or not to make the investment, yet to consider the industry you see yourself in. Make sure it is one that you are good at, and especially one that you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to market that creativity. In my personal opinion, creativity is the spice of life!


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