Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love.. and Living Apart?

In April 2010, Kristin M., 31, was laid off from her management consulting position. Money was tight, especially since she lived in New York City. But even though she could have saved a bundle by moving in with her boyfriend of three years, she decided against it. “Throughout the economic recession, we lived separately,” she says. This decision puzzled many of her friends, who’d moved in with their boyfriends much sooner.

But it wasn’t because Kristin wasn’t serious about the guy (they’d end up getting engaged a year later), and it wasn’t for religious reasons, either. Kristin just felt that the benefits of living apart were worth the extra expense, even as her savings dwindled. “We both think it’s better for the long-term when couples take things slow,” she explains.

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What are your thoughts on Couples Living Separately?

We think it could be beneficial for both people in the relationship, and it could make the bond between them stronger. Plus, each one gets their own time to accomplish their responsibilities and goals as an individual. It definitely depends on the couple involved and what they want, since living separately is not always for everyone.

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