Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A World of Color

What an experience it was, to visit such a diverse and interesting country such as India. Before we decided to embark on such a long journey, we had already begun to prepare ourselves mentally and gather all information we could to make sure the trip would be a smooth and safe one.

Although we had thought we were prepared enough, once we arrived there we came to know you can never really be 100% prepared. It was like we arrived at a door to a new adventure. An adventure you can't escape from, since it's something which envelopes your attention at every opportunity and every corner of every street.

New Delhi was where we spent our time. The Dusty air, noisy traffic, crowded streets especially on Thursday Nights when the Markets were open for all to enjoy. Your eyes would always be caught looking around at the gleaming of each bangle and the colorful long fabrics of sari's which were being sold to all women old and young. Music was always around, any time of day and night, and it created an ambience of nightlife and fun.

The Food was always new and interesting, tasty and not always spicy. There was a variety and it all depends on what you are looking for. My Daughter's Husband, always made sure we were drinking purified water and home cooked meals, or at some restaurants popular among the locals.

Our first experience riding in an Auto Rickshaw, was a little scary at first, but you eventually get used to. It's definitely a bumpy ride, and you have many other drivers zooming by each other just a few inches apart. It's interesting to observe how these drivers could drive in such a busy and fast-paced rush, and still make it look effortless.

The thing that caught our attention during our stay in Delhi, is the contrast between the poor and the wealthy. It's very easy to see the two side by side, and there's always a constant reminder of what kind of lives the less fortunate have to bare each day. Once you come across seeing so much strife, your life becomes more valuable and you appreciate what you have a lot more.

It's been a great life experience for my daughter and I, and we really admired the devotion of the Indian People. They really are devoted to whatever they do, especially when in worship to God. It was a beautiful thing to hear chants and song flowing from the temples in the early morning, right when we awoke. It really gave us a feeling of hope and comfort for the day ahead.

You never really forget the sights, sounds, and smells, of India no matter what part you may visit. It always seems to stick to you and it certainly has for us. Even though our time there was short, we felt a good change in our lives, and we have grown much from it. No matter where you travel we believe it can really open your mind, and give you the chance to learn new lessons in life, if you really just enjoy each moment. We can't wait to visit India again in the future, and you really had to be there to understand.

Written By Angela & Angelica


  1. Love your mother-daughter team. This is an enjoyable article, I have been to Mumbai.

    1. Hello Sonali,

      Thank You for the comment. We are glad you enjoyed reading it. Mumbai, must also be very interesting! We would love to hear your experiences while you were there.

      -Angela & Angelica

  2. I would love to visit India, thanks for sharing your experience. In Australia there is quite a large Indian community and I have worked and made friendship's with some amazing Indian people.

  3. Oh how wonderful that you went to India, especially sharing this experience with your daughter. I have always wished to India and love to see pictures and hear other's stories of their adventures. Thank you so much for sharing! Post more pics if you have them!