Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why so Serious?

I was thinking about something, that needed to be shared on here today. It's about being a more spontaneous person. I've come to know a lot of people in my life, who seem to naturally express themselves without fear of rejection or ridicule.

They do silly things when people are watching, make crazy jokes that aren't always funny, and they just forget to live by the rules sometimes. I've always admired people like that, and wanted to incorporate that same attitude into my own life.

I think maybe some people, including myself forgets to live life sometimes. It becomes very easy to become caught up in life's web of problems, and we lose zest in what makes life worth living, spontaneity. So I created my own list of ways to become more spontaneous. Here it goes:

- Don't Always plan everything. I think letting things happen, is more fun. Being impulsive sometimes can be a good thing, because it can lead you to new things you never thought of or even tried. Who knows what you can discover.

- Overcoming Shyness. Try complimenting a stranger, Who knows maybe you'll make a new friend.

- Losing fear. Don't worry about what people will think about you, express yourself and feel good about it. Would be best not to over analyze things, just go with what makes you happy.

- Be a better Conversationalist. Maybe keep up to date with the latest news, the latest movie, talk to people about crazy life experiences you've had. The more knowledge you have the better it is passing it on to others, and keeping others interested in what you have to say.

- Overall, it's about letting go of insecurities, feeling free to be and do what you like, and just be who you are. Try new hobbies, accept an offer to something you always wanted to do, but was too afraid to try before.

The benefits of being a spontaneous person is that you can broaden your social circle, raise your self-esteem, have a more positive up-beat attitude, open new doors of opportunities, and make yourself feel more alive.

What's the most spontaneous thing you've done lately? Written by Angelica


  1. hi visiting you back....nice blog here :))


  2. LOVE this! Such good advice. I am glad I found another Mom blog that is interesting and fun. Love the pic, by the way. Looks like WOnder Woman, only BETTER! :) I am now a follower, so I can't wait to read your next post! Keep 'em coming! I am trying to do a button swap with some other good blogs, so thought I'd see if you guys wanted to swap? Just let me know!



  3. Enjoyed reading this post! I could always use a dose of spontaneity in my life!

  4. I, too, have been trying to break out of my shell and feel more at ease in different social situations. When I do, I find I have more fun and can be my authentic self instead of stressing about what others might think of me.

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